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Need a Fresh Start? 10 Tips to Achieve an Organized and Decluttered Home

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the chaos in your living space? Don’t wait for spring to start a decluttering journey. Here are ten practical tips to help you achieve an organized and decluttered home. While you transform your living space, consider reviewing your homeowners insurance policy to ensure all your valuables are protected.

  1. Set Clear Goals: When decluttering your home, it’s important to establish specific goals for each room. The goals could include minimizing the number of items in a room to create a sense of spaciousness and calm, creating functional spaces that serve a specific purpose, or simply enhancing the aesthetics of the room to make the space more visually appealing.
  2. Sort and Categorize: Begin with a systematic approach. Sort items into categories like keep, donate, sell, or discard. This process helps streamline decision-making and prevents feeling overwhelmed.
  3. The 90/90 Rule: If you haven’t used something in 90 days and don’t plan to use it in the next 90 days, consider getting rid of it. Keeping unused items takes up space and creates clutter. Donating or selling them can create more space and brighten someone else’s day.
  4. One-In, One-Out Rule: Adopting a “one-in, one-out” policy for new purchases can be an effective way to maintain a clutter-free environment. For every new item you purchase, you must get rid of an old one. Adopting a policy of being mindful of what you bring into your home or workspace can prevent unnecessary accumulation of objects, make it easier to stay organized, and reduce the amount of time for cleaning and tidying up.
  5. Downsize Thoughtfully: Consider downsizing furniture or large items that may be taking up unnecessary space. Downsizing not only creates a more open and breathable atmosphere but can also be financially beneficial.
  6. Rediscover Valuables: As you declutter, you might rediscover forgotten treasures or valuables. Take inventory of these items for potential insurance coverage.
  7. Review Your Homeowners Insurance: Check your homeowners insurance policy to ensure it reflects the current value of your belongings. Notify your insurance provider of any significant changes, such as the acquisition of valuable items or downsizing.
  8. Document Your Belongings: Create a detailed inventory of your belongings, including photos, receipts, and appraisals for high-value items. This documentation is invaluable in the event of a claim, ensuring you receive fair compensation for lost or damaged items.
  9. Evaluate Coverage Limits: Understand the coverage limits of your homeowners insurance policy, especially for high-value items like jewelry, artwork, or electronics.
  10. Consider Additional Coverage: If you find gaps in coverage or possess items exceeding policy limits, discuss options for additional coverage with your insurance agent.

Safeguard Your New Beginnings

As you declutter and revitalize your home, it’s crucial to align your insurance with your current needs. Our agents are here to guide you through this process, ensuring that your valuable possessions are adequately protected. Don’t hesitate to call your local agent to discuss your insurance options, providing you with peace of mind as you embark on a fresh start in your organized and decluttered home.

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